Welcome to Turul Guesthouse

At the base of the Apuseni mountains in Remetea nr.300. In 2005 me and my family, wife Terezia and kids Gergo and Reka, we founded a guesthouse based of traditional food and traditions of the region.

For the monment we have 15 rooms with their own bathroom. In 2012 at 300m from the guesthouse we opened a camping of 1ha, for tents caravns, with moderns bathrooms and kitchen.

Tourist attractions


Ursilor Cave (25km)

The cave was discovered at 17 September, 1975 during an exploding of the Chiscau marble exploitation creating a hole, on which entered in the cave the first man.The rift was covered then after the exploration of the cave-system a part of it was electrified and the official opening of the cave was at 14 July 1980.

The Meziad cave (10km)

Its 22 km far from Beius. To arrive to the cave we have to follow the road that goes from Beius to Alesd and Borod.At Remetea we leave the main road and we have to find the road marked with the inscription: Meziad 6 km we follow it until the traffic sign Meziad Cave from where we have to follow the path marked by blue triangle.

Farcu crystal cave (10km)

Farcu area is situated in the upper basin of the Ro?ia valley (Crisul Negru basin), near Ro?ia localities.The karst platou Farcu hill, with an altitude of 375 m is the place where in 1987, after advancing front of the gallery so mining was discovered Crystal Cave Farcu. The cave has a lenght of 251 m and oscillation of level of 16 m.

Apuseni Padis(40km)


The mountain is crossed by the forester`s path, being 53 km long, at the Rachi?ele - Ic Ponor - Padi? - Boga - Pietroasa way. The Rachitele- Padi? part is 31km, the Padi? - Pietroasa 22km. On both ends of the road is asphalt: the Huedin-Rachi?ele and Bologa-Rachi?ele parts, on the other side the Pietroasa-Sudrigiu part, but the forester`s path is not really proper for cars. Despite this, Padi?, especially due to its strategic berth/ post is appealing to all who love mountains.

Iedutului waterfall(35km))

It is a cascade of about 15 m formed on the stream of Iedut, the left tributary of the Iad valley. It is reached by the access road Stana de Vale - The tail of Lake Lesu.

Stana de Vale (30km))

Situated at the altitude of 1102 m, Stâna de Vale is a resort for rest and treatment, known in the country and abroad. The oligomineral and ferruginous waters, low atmospheric pressure, intense solar radiation and increased air ionization are the main factors that attract tourists. From here departs and arrive a series of trails to all the corners of the Apuseni Mountains.